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TARDIS housing for my Raspberry Pi media center

When I built my media center, it went into a simple black box:

Media Center
My Raspberry Pi based Media Center

Boooring! Since we watch a lot of Dr. Who on funk.net, when a Raspberry Foundation blog post on 3D printed cases featured a Tardis housing, it felt just right to have one. The 3D files are available on Thingiverse, and so I put the files into the 3D printing services of the usual supects – to be shocked by the resulting prices: More than 100 € for this thing? It nearly made me buy a 3D printer, but luckily I found out about Hubs (past then: 3Dhubs), where many many private (and commercial) 3D printers offer their services to the public. Selecting by price, vicinity and a good shade of blue for the Tradis, I finally ordered it from Thy’s hub in the Netherlands for roughly 30 € – thanks again for the prompt and exellent job!

But only after remixing the case – I wanted the roof to be detachable to allow for easy USB and network access. You may find my remix on Thingiverse. Feel free to get your own! And so there is now the Tardis sitting close to my TV set:

TARDIS case for the media center


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